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Hi, my name is Maria Zub and I come to you from the faraway land of Siberia.

After experiencing the heat of my first Texas summer, I fell in love with Austin and decided to pursue my passion here.

I believe that every person in this world deserves a chance to pursue what truly excites him or her, and to find a way to make his or her dreams a reality. When you feel a true passion for what you do, you can achieve the impossible.


Our lives are greatly influenced by the things around us.. Surrounding oneself with positive and beautiful things breeds positivity and happiness, which spreads like wildfire to those close to us.

I decided to put my energy towards my passion: creating high quality apparel for women. My goal is to produce the absolute best product from the best materials. Bringing positive things to life gives me great satisfaction and joy. I feel happy making other people happy.

We also carry handmade accessories created by my lovely friends from Siberia. Each piece is made with love and carries positive energy. Beautiful, unique hair accessories are the perfect final touch to complete your stand out look. Have any burning questions or exciting ideas? Interested in working together? Feel free to get in touch with me at

Join me on my adventure.

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Thank you for being a part of my dream!